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Time Crystals and Society

The general population delegated by governments to take care of irresistible illnesses incorporate exceedingly prepared disease transmission specialists. They have distinguished the presence of what they allude to as a worldwide 3D pandemic transmitted by the mass make of useless correspondence and data gadgets. They have no counteractant to the sociological harm that the scourge is causing. Not one of them could discover a place in the United Nations to talk about a cure to this neurological issue, which prompts consistent fighting on earth. Therefore, in spite of long periods of unending United Nations gatherings, goals and passionate articulations of good shock, the pandemic spreading over the planet is deteriorating.

No expression of remorse is made for not expounding regarding this matter in the dialect of tremendous, broken companion assessed, innovative logical language. Papers of extraordinary significance identified with different parts of it do undoubtedly exist. Current science, in its euphoric desire for power, glory and savagery is essentially unfit and reluctant to fathom its general human survival suggestions. To the best of my insight there are no friend assessed papers expounded on the essential substance of this article. Its ethos is ‘For the People by the People’, which holds onto people as having a place with one animal types as opposed to different clans committed to forcing logical viciousness upon one another.

The antitoxin to the broken data pestilence has really been found and globally perceived. It is past the crude comprehension of the predominant worldwide logical passing faction, which is represented by a law requesting the annihilation of all life known to man – the second law of thermodynamics.

Usually information that religious or bureaucratic influences composed into political law coordinate the ethos of nationalistic administrative logical research. In the event that the living procedure has a place rather with an endless fractal numerical rationale connected to masterful feeling at that point winning science and religion will just permit unclear looks of its instinctive reality. On the off chance that one cautiously watches the splendid narrative by Arthur C Clarke entitled ‘The Colors of Infinity’ both Clarke and Benoit Mandelbrot, acclaimed as the pioneer of limitless fractal rationale, reject mankind from any interminable reason. In any case, The NASA High Energy Project has distributed papers by Petar Grujic, Science Advisor to the Belgrade Institute of Physics, appearing antiquated Greek science had connected the living procedure to ideas of a boundless fractal universe.

The broken data pestilence disregards such living limitless data. It is just keen on drawing out the ancestral ‘survival of the fittest’ worldview to help government by the rich. Plutocracies around the globe play broken money related poker-machine-like diversions of war to evidently shield the general population they speak to from falling under the control of remote governments.

In shortsighted terms, the numerical programming inside electromagnetic betting gadgets (i.e. poker machines) are intended to cause conditions of inevitable money related and moral chapter 11. They utilize sound and shading vibrations fit for prompting fanciful heroin-like addictions to achieve liquidations. Worldwide securities exchanges after some time can be seen to record that such money related war amusements are utilizing broken scientific misleading to outsmart their rivals.

The old Greek political ‘Science for moral finishes’ then again, built up an idea of development utilizing the arithmetic presently connected with the making of the time gem. The scientific development of the multi day moon cycle was thought to clarify the enthusiastic female richness mood. This consonant ‘Music of the Spheres’ development resounded with the molecules of a mother’s soul to create the morals of her adoration and care for kids. Her happiness at foreseeing masterful beautiful ensembles for her youngsters is genuine and can be imparted to family and companions. This can be differentiated to the unbelievable dreamlike delight related with the numerical duplicity modified into the poker-machine.

The old political theory was to manage honoring government for the strength of an unending universe, so as to keep the eradication of human advancement. That perfect about general wellbeing is steady with a modern therapeutic science utilizing vast fractal arithmetic, instead of the overarching crude passing faction math, which requests that our transformative procedure must lead just to termination.

Amid the 1980s Australian Science-Art analysts utilized the old Greek unendingness arithmetic to end up the main organization on the planet to gauge the presence of the life-compel. They customized a PC to create recreations of seashell development and improvement through a time of 50 million years. The transformative seashell arithmetic coordinated precisely with the science composed into the seashell fossil record. In 1990 the world’s biggest innovative research foundation, IEEE in Washington, distributed their discoveries as being one of the vital optical numerical revelations of the twentieth Century, putting it close by such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick.

Researchers, contaminated by our art of broken data, were not able even start to understand that the transformative numerical composition inside the world’s seashell fossil record had been composed by the living animal inside the shell. It was not hard to show that the advanced logical personality was contaminated with some passionate type of malignant growth, keeping any endeavor to pick up a psychological representation of endless reality. This disease is religious in nature. Authorization from a picked divinity to get learning of interminability results in dangerous clash between and inside varying innate belief systems equipped for prompting world war.

This disarray can be settled rapidly by programming a PC to snare demise religion science with the remedy data so as to get logical human survival outline reproductions. In 1974 the originator of the American National Foundation for Cancer Research, the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, composed his ‘Letter to Science’ clarifying that the overarching technique for evaluating logical research was in itself a type of neurological disease.

Evidence exists that Szent-Gyorgyi was right in expressing that cutting edge logical research understanding is cancer-causing in nature. On the off chance that you supplant the old unending science having a place with the seashell disclosure with sterile quantum mechanical arithmetic inside a PC, the modern recreations wind up twisted, unmistakably portraying the idea of harmful development and improvement. Szent-Gyorgyi’s disease inquire about together with the Australian seashell disclosures was an imperative advance toward the revelation of the cure for the useless data plague.

The ongoing production of time gems, a totally new type of issue, by Harvard University physicists and a University of Maryland inquire about group, was as of late distributed by the logical diary Nature. The strange idea of time precious stones was anticipated in 2012 by the Nobel Laureate, Frank Wilczek. At a nuclear scale the recently made time gems work outside the law maintaining our overall comprehension of the real world – the second law of thermodynamics.

Be that as it may, the time gems’ revelation, as a presentation of unfathomable logical brightness is related with a greatly difficult issue, one that definitely warrants further basic logical examination. The formation of time gems was proclaimed by the passionate announcement that Issac Newton’s reality see had been wrecked. From the point of view of our common science this seems self-evident, notwithstanding, it is just mistaken. Newton, in his distributed 28th Query Discussions, expressed completely that his non-mechanical portrayal of the universe was gotten from old Greek Science. That old ‘Science for moral finishes’ is perfect with the truth of the nuclear time precious stone.

The size of this wrong data is tremendous. Newton composed that the mass of bodies in space does not cause gravity and that the individuals who encouraged this were upholding a vainglorious deceptive adaptation of the real world. The Church did not endure some other examination of limitless reality than its unimaginable religious doctrine, which Newton, a profoundly religious Christian, completely detested.

It tends to be viewed as that this misleading religious seventeenth Century falsification concerning gravitational power is one of the key building squares used to build up the present 3D plague of useless data. Be that as it may, an unmistakably progressively old utilization of beguiling religious science rose at the beginning of human progress in Mesopotamia. Old clans battling each other for survival expected to comply with the ‘survival of the fittest’ worldview so as to have the capacity to advance. Sexual energy connected to a desire for taking up arms was the innate criteria for such survival.

The old Sumerians utilized heavenly development to concoct a numerical estimation of time and bearing, now utilized in our logical investigation of the universe. In any case, their idea of limitlessness was religious rather that scientific. From various antiquated dirt tablets, ideas including different warlike divine beings and goddesses living inside a dull chasm, proclaiming ‘Let there be light’ and after that making half and half forms of humankind, exist. The idea of boundlessness had a place with a contention among the divine beings over the presenting of interminable life to the attendant of the Ark amid the Great Flood. The old Mesopotamian clans had no choice yet to watch the ‘survival of the fittest’ worldview. It was unavoidable that current Sumerian science was likewise formed and put into political law to assuage their goddess of sex and war, Inanna.

The accompanying Babylonian Kingdom created varieties of the Sumerian religious convictions, later affecting Islamic, H

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